About WBW

Would you like an online presence, but fear that making a website is too complicated or expensive? We’re a small team of developers that’s proud to present Webbyword. Our project began after we noticed that many people have a hard time turning their website concepts into reality. Today, if you have no Internet presence to let the world know about your business offers, it’s like you don’t exist at all. So we strived to find a simple solution that anyone could use to create a website. One day, an idea struck us: Why not use something like as easy as MS Word to enable anyone to do web publishing? So we got to work to develop an application that would require only a Word document to obtain professional-looking web page you could be proud of. That’s how we ended up embarking on this journey – and that’s why Webbyword exists.

Who was Webbyword created for?

We noticed a strong desire for online content among shopkeepers, tradesmen, consultants and others who want to advertise their business through a website. But not all these people have web-design knowledge. They are the main subjects of our story. Day after day, we worked to create an easy-to-use app that gives you incredible flexibility and allows you to be in charge of whatever is happening on your page. We understand that web pages are a must these days due to the rapid expansion of technology, and this is what motivated us to create such an accessible tool for web design.

Why choose Webbyword?

We know what it’s like to start from ground zero and do everything you need to do to succeed, including launching a website. Our team lived those days as well when we were starting our own business. We also know that professional web designers charge a lot of money, and that high-end website building programs cannot be used by people without proper IT knowledge. For the rest of us, Webbyword is the perfect solution. It will lower costs, is usable by anyone, and provide you with the website you need. Our company has one main objective: to help you realize your dreams and business goals. So start creating that successful story!

Take everything in your hands today!

Contact us today and see how you can be the owner and creator of your own website! Register and get started now. Keep in mind that Webbyword does not require any previous knowledge or training. You simply use an easy-to-follow template. It’s just as easy as creating a document in Word.