Helpful Resources

 Useful resources for Website development





SEO - Submit Your Site to Google

Essential for good SEO.  Just drop your web name into the text field at




Creating Logos

Create Custom Logo Designs for Free



Great Background Tiles


Great unique backgrounds for your website

(Insert tiles in the space provided at the end of the word document)


Creating Animated text



Resizing Images


FYI, any photos uploaded for Webbyword will be auto optimised

Ideal images sizes are 50kb to 500kb




Create simple online pages to link to your Webbyword Site  





Photoshop Style Editing online



Free images



Design Services


Business Cards etc


Canva: Design, share & print

Business cards, logos, presentations, using a drag-and-drop with huge access photos, graphics, and fonts etc. Suitable for everyone.






1. Cut and Paste

If issues exist:

A. Cut and paste from an external source (not from within the word document)

B. Avoid cut and paste of the entire paragraph in one go.


2. Paragraphs of Text


Currently, only the center text of the homepage and custom pages are programmed to receive paragraphs of text


3. Slow Loading?   Please reduce the Image sizes (including any tiled backgrounds)

4. Pages Not Showing?  Have you selected "Yes" from the relevant "Display This' dropdown selector?



Managing Youtube


To upload a Video to Youtube

1. Create a gmail account

2. Signin and press upload


To obtain the Youtube code

Right click on the video


To turn off the advertisements on my videos:


Do not click on the "Monetize my video" check box


Visibility & Privacy

To ensure your videos are visible to all users, set them as a “Public” video.  When you upload a video, by default it’s set as a “Public” video, which means that anybody can view it



Domain Re Directs

You can create a more unique identity for your webbyword site by pointing it to a domain name (e.g. instead of at a registery (eg